attic transformation

Make the ideal living space at home with innovative attic transformation ideas. An attic can be a great place to escape to private heaven. Many prefer to spend quality time in close contact with friends or family members, while others like to spend time in quiet reflection in a peaceful environment. A good attic can become a great space to enjoy reading a good book, doing crafts, enjoying the view outside the window or even simply chatting with friends. Keeping items in an organized, clutter-free attic is important to keep things looking presentable and clutter-free for guests and family.

Guest Rooms

Making the attic transformation is also beneficial if you wish to turn an unused attic into a guest room. Guest rooms can be decorated just as you would like them, however, it helps to have some furniture in this room that can be easily removed when guests are not coming over. Attic space is a great place to store items for storage and for hosting parties and gatherings. If you want to transform the attic into a guest room, then consider furniture such as a dresser, a chair and chests for storing clothes.

If your attic space is already used for storing books and other objects then organizing can be very easy. A bookcase can be placed on top of the ceiling joists and then shelves can be mounted below this. If you have a large attic space, you can choose to have a long vertical wall mount rather than using the more traditional horizontal wall mount. A longer mount allows you to decorate the attic without worrying about reaching too far up into the rafters. In attic transformation, bookshelves can also be mounted on the ceiling as a ceiling mount.

Home Office

When you have an attic conversion planned, remember that it will make life easier for you and your family. There are many benefits to turning an attic into a home office such as having additional room for computer work or even a home library. Even if you do not need the extra space, it is nice to have additional storage space. You will find that attic remodelling can even help you sell your home faster in the future.

attic transformation

If you are looking into attic home office remodelling to provide a guest room, you should keep in mind how you intend to use the room. If you plan on using the attic as a guest room, then you will want to have a bed in the room and perhaps a desk. You may even want to provide a simple kitchenette with one or two sinks. If you plan on having a guest room with additional amenities, then you will want to include a home entertainment system such as cable TV, DVD player and games. Having a home theatre can be a great addition, especially if you have invited family or friends over frequently.

Home Library

For a home office that functions as a home library, you should include plenty of wall space. You should also consider a customized file cabinet that can hold many files and a printer, computer, printer, fax machine and other important electronic devices. Since so much room is required, custom attic remodelling is one of the best ways to utilize all the space. When you decide to create a home library, be sure that you measure the area where you plan to place the equipment first. This will help you determine whether you can install all of the necessary components during attic conversion or if there will be some modifications required.


Whether you plan on a guest room or a workspace, you will still need a way to get rid of your everyday clothes before heading home. That’s where attic transformation ideas like a clothes dryer come in handy. There are different types of clothes dryers available on the market including window type units that stay open at all times and permanent clothing dryers. In the case of a guest room, a permanent dryer would be preferable since it could be used whenever a guest comes to visit. Otherwise, you would have to either fold up the clothes and store them in the closet during your visitors’ stay or store them in an alternate location in the home.

Lastly, when you are renovating your attic, remember to check out the foundation. If it’s not sound, you may find yourself with leaks. The attic is considered to be a part of the house foundation. Any damage to the foundation could result in water damage, which would make the structural framing of the house come apart. Proper drainage and a thorough inspection of the attic by a professional are very important. Properly installing insulation to prevent heat loss is another one of the fantastic attic conversion ideas from Kelly Rae robs.

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