home modifications for elderly

Home modifications for elderly or disabled people are becoming more common as the population is aging. Most home modifications are not major, but rather small details make the home a safer and more comfortable place for the elderly and disabled to live. From simple changes like painting a room to making a space safer, home modifications can make a big difference.

If you’re aging or disabled and would like to remodel or make home modifications for elderly or disabled, start by looking into ways to update your home’s appearance. Updating the look of your home can help you and other family members feel more comfortable, which will in turn improve their quality of life. This can also lead to better health and happiness.


One area that can be updated quickly is your home’s staircase. Many elderly and disabled individuals have trouble climbing stairs, so this is an important feature to consider. Stairs without handrails can be dangerous because they can slip or fall, causing injury. Handrails should be at least three feet tall and made of non-slippery material to reduce the risk of slipping or falling. Updating your staircase can be cost-effective and still add safety.


Other home modifications for elderly or disabled individuals involve accessibility to kitchen areas. Because so many people are now aging, illness, and weight gain cause most of them to need assistance with basic hygiene and personal care. A clean and organized kitchen is imperative to help improve the quality of life of an aging or disabled individual. Having easy access to the bathroom or shower eliminates the need for getting up and going to get help.

home modifications for elderly

Safety Features

In addition to safety features, you may want to consider additional modifications to your home to make it more accessible to you and your loved ones. Stairlifts and ramps can be added to a home to make it more accessible to those in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility. Home modifications for elderly or disabled individuals can include installing grab bars on the home’s interior and exterior. Grab bars provide you with a safe place to pull yourself up from the bottom stairs, providing freedom for you and others.

Safety modifications can be simple additions that make a home safer for you or your loved ones. Stairmasters and walkers can be fitting to staircases to help you navigate up and down without pain. Home modifications for elderly or disabled individuals can include railings or grab bars, riser bars, and more. These modifications can make a home safer and more comfortable for older adults. They can also make it safer for visitors to your home, as they may not know how to safely use a home stair lift or wheelchair ramp.

Remodelling a kitchen or bathroom requires much more work than simply putting in new cabinets. Older adults may find that installing grab bars and other safety features make the kitchen or bathroom safer and more comfortable. It is a good idea to talk to a home remodelling company if you are thinking of remodelling or installing new cabinets. These companies have experience working with older adults, and they can give you ideas about what to do. If you are unable to work with a remodelling company, you can save money by doing the cabinet remodelling yourself. By installing new cabinets with safety features installed and adding grab bars, you will be creating a safer and more comfortable environment for you and others.

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